Swiper-2 preview and new features

Hi all,

Hope you’re fine and healthy.

This is short preview on Swiper-2 new features. Has been almost a work from the ground-up, updating the main library to the latest version and adding some requested options too.

I’m also addressing conflicts we had with Card Designer, which uses an older version of the same library. Both seem to work fine together now and I’ll upload another short video about this shortly.

Hope to get this new version ready for the next week :crossed_fingers:



Looks very promising, I’ve really liked Swiper but the conflicts has led me to use a regular carousel. Great to here you have solved these problems and also added some new features.

Can’t wait to get it a try.


Hi Lucas,

This looks great !!!

A few things:

1: One thing I id love to see and will be an instant purchase is will there be an option for the slides to smoothly go scroll and when it gets to the end, it does not flick back all the images to get back to the start so the last slide will smoothly go to the first again.

2: The overlay feature - can this not be an option for a bric so I could add a clients logo, a button etc in this - I think keep overlay - but can we add a bric in this area too ?

3: I take it i can spread the zoom out to in more etc?

It reminds me very much like Joe’s “Impact” stack which i LOVED!

Well done Lucas.

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Hey @casey1823 the only conflict was with Card Designer, which uses an older version of the same library, other than that please let me know if you encountered other issues.

@AdieJAM I’m not adding other options for this first release, but I think loop mode is possible and available in the swiper library so it’s something I can try to add in a future release. Adding brics inside custom brics is not something that’s available in the current API, as far as I know.

And for the zoom effect I’ll also keep as a request for future consideration, as I think it could also be possible to implement.

Cool 3rd party app. :slight_smile:
For me, I wonder why Blocs is not able to do this? This should be easy to do within Blocs.
You know, if Blocs had the ability to drag elements where ever we want them and have the Text automatically adjust would be great! Maybe @Norm is planing on enhancing Blocs 4 with implementing these suggestions.

Yup, I understand it’s only with the card designer conflict.


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Hi @Lucas, will this be an update or a new paid bric being version 2?

Hi @Malachiman, thanks for asking. There will be a paid upgrade to existing customers of the first version.

Cool, thanks for clarifying @Lucas

I would be great if you could add option to make whole image as url link not just a caption.

Also are there any know issues with Swiper with Blocs 3?
Is there any known missing features, that Blocs user are requesting?
Is Swiper responsive?
How long is the license good for?
What’s the difference between Owl Carousel and Swiper?
Anything else…
Thank you.

@piotrek I’m not adding more options for this first release, but will add to the list of requests for future consideration.

@KBConcepts thanks for asking:

  • Issues were related to a conflict with the Card Designer bric, which has been addressed in this new version.
  • Yep Swiper is responsive: I’ve worked a lot making a mobile interface for it but please do try the demos yourself on every device you can, just to be sure that it cover your needs. If you’re not happy with what you see then don’t buy it.
  • Owl Carousel is a totally different bric: for instance Swiper if fullscreen.
  • I’ll talk licenses as the new version is released.

When will version 2 be released @Lucas?

I’m already beta-testing the new version and I hope to get it ready by the next week or so :crossed_fingers:

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@Lucas is the best way to get in touch with you?

support@archetypon.net :wink:

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