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I try to do a simple carousel … I have a few Images 1500x500 px. So, with the carousel it works well, but I don’t use a caption and also want to click the image and linked to an url. When I search the forum I see its not possible …
So I try the Swiper 2 Bric. But there I have the problem that the Image is full screen ? But I don’t want to have full screen… just 1500 x 500 pixel ? Is there a way ?!?

Hi Tom2:

I am using Tab Anything Pro for this nowadays…Check it out in the Bric Store.


Rich the Weather Guy

Try Splide. I posted not long ago how to add it to Blocs:

Hi @WeatherguyNH
Thanks for your help. Is there an example how it looks ? I bought tub anything but don’t get it to work. Do you have an blocs file or something else for me ? :slight_smile:
thanks a lot

Hi @Jerry
thanks a lot for your help

Go to my site…the first set of pix below the hero is TAP

Visit RichLefko.com


Pretty informative website @WeatherguyNH :grinning:
Are you aware of this https://www.ventusky.com ?
It is one of my favorite weather tracking sites.


@tom2 if the original simple carousel works for you, I would stick with it and simply add a Custom Attribute to each of the carousel images:

Name: onclick
Value: location.href=‘newurl.html’

(replace newurl.html with your preferred url)

Hey KB:

No, I was not aware of that site!
Looks very interesting and bookmarked!!

Thank you

Rich the Weather Guy

I’ve always loved this sassyness of this site: https://shouldiuseacarousel.com/


The only problem with the carousel is that you cant easily add any column, text or images. You can but it will be hard to edit.

I recomend you to use tab anything, Here are some examples of sites I use with:


http://irenebermejo.com (On any treatment you will see a sort of carousel but with vertical buttons)

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thats hilarious!

Hi. @simonclay
that’s cool Thanks … But I don’t get it to work. Not sure why …Did you try it in safari ?

Hi @chicuelo
cool. Looks great. Is there a tutorial or something else to a slider with Tab anything ? I don’t need text or a button. Just click the image and open a new url or a site on the page …

It works just like a regular bloc so you place the info and layout that you desire. It works when you set the ID of the container that matches with the tab anything bric. You can also hide the bric and use images or buttons as triggers too.


There is a clear set of instructions that comes with the purchase of TA.
I am not a programmer, but was able to work through it using those instructions.

Rich the Weather Guy


It works … :+1:

Thanks at @chicuelo
that helps

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Happy to help…

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