Swiper plugin


A few questions I couldn’t fine the answer to.

  1. Can I adjust the speed of the transition
  2. Is there a limit to the text size,
  3. Can the text appearance and position be altered and can I use text only?

I want to rebuild my site without recoding my top slider and my feedback slider using your plugin if possible.
see here


Hi Andy

To your questions:

1- yes
2- limited to 100 pixels (there’s huge text size)
3- available position options are bottom left or centred




  1. I assume the time of the slide and transition
  2. I wasn’t very clear, I meant I would want to add a lot of text (several lines)
  3. Are there any plans for further text positions as I want to create a text only ‘feedback’ slider.
    I assume I can add 2 to the same page.

Just a thought, would an Owl slider set to full width with another (text only) immediately below work?


To your questions:

  1. Yes the animation is related to the slide transition
  2. No these lines are meant for a small description of the image
  3. No there’s no plans for now, I’ll consider for a future update
  4. No positions are bottom left or centred, not at the same time

Could not understand your question on Owl.


Sorry if I’m not clear.
Can the swiper be less than full height, say 500px high, with page content below or would I be better to purchase the Owl brick?


Yep Swiper is a full page slider, meaning it will have the same height as the viewport, justas shown in the demo pages. Maybe Owl would be a better option for you.


Agreed thanks