Tab Anything 1.4.2

I decided to start a new thread since I just pushed 1.4.1 yesterday and 1.4.2 here just a day later.


  • “Detach” feature now has two options.
  • Small refinements to the UI.


  • When switching away from a tab where a video is playing, the video will stop playing. This works with the default Blocs video bric.

Should see the update the next time you start Blocs or open the Extension Manager.


This is a great improvement … but …
As I reported earlier, when you click the video to go to full screen only the browser goes to full screen not the video itself. But this ONLY happens with Safari. Wierd.
In all other browsers (Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge, Chrome) the fullscreen option functions normal.

I just found another problem.
When you have 2 different videos in the same tab, it only shows the first video. Means both videos are the same.

From everything I can tell this is a flaw in the Youtube Api. I never touch anything regarding the videos and it’s possible that nothing can be done about this.

If you do a Google search there’s plenty of articles listing the possible known causes. None of them are things I can impact with Tab Anything.

I have modals with 2 different youtube videos which work fine.

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