Tab Anything 1.4 Free Update

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tab Anything has a free update available. You should be prompted to install version 1.4 the next time you start Blocs.

A couple of weeks ago I introduced an idea called Tab Lab. It’s helped me validate a few ideas before officially adding them to the project. Today the first group of features have passed validation and been added to version 1.4 (see below)

Whats fixed?

  • Fixed the issue where tabs 10-19 would be visible by default.

Whats New?

  • From Tab Lab: Wrap tabs into multiple rows.
  • From Tab Lab: Set a consistent tab width across tabs.
  • From Tab Lab: Added ability to set a width on the Tab Anything instance itself.

The current way
By default, Tabs are the width of the label plus whatever padding you might have set. You can use “Full Width” setting to evenly distribute the tabs across the container in a nice responsive way.

New options for multiple rows and grids
With these new settings you can 1) set a consistent width for the tabs. 2) have them wrap inside the container. and 3) enforce a width for the Tab Anything instance. Used together these settings can produce multi-row and grid layouts.

Normally you would just leave the Tab Width setting to “auto”.

This is the behavior many of you are already familiar with. But in the images below, I have set the width of tabs to 100px and engaged the “Wrap” option. That’s good, but at this point, the width of the container controls where the tabs will begin to wrap. To force the tabs to wrap at a specific width, we can change that using Max Width setting. Note that clearing this field reverts it back to full width.

Notice for this layout I wanted three tabs/columns across. So as you would expect, a width of 300px would achieve that. However in this case I have the detach setting enabled, which adds a gap between rows and columns. I’ve accounted for the space with an extra 30px.


This feature was inspired by a calendar that @casey1823 designed! Thanks fo sharing!


Thanks, that’s some really cool features that give you a lot of control.

Much appreciated!

Merry Christmas!



It’s really good to see these new features, but Tab Anything is the only bric that constantly says there is an update when none exists. It started with 1.3 and continues now with 1.4 every time I restart Blocs and no matter how many time I update.

Screenshot 2020-12-24 at 16.13.01

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That looks amazing. No doubt I will have use for that in the near future! It’s high on my shopping list!

I’m experiencing the same thing.

Nice, because I just purchased Tab Anything yesterday. :slight_smile:

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I have the update message constantly with one of the Volt brics.

As mentioned previously this is most likely not a bric issue but an api/Blocs one. I’m sure it will get sorted out, but right now there’s nothing I can actually do to affect this behavior.

What other brics are using in-app updates that have updated lately and aren’t experiencing this?

Easy Copyright springs to mind.

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So you’ve updated easy copyright via in-app updates?

Yes I believe so.

If that’s true it only suggests to me what some things Norm can look into. I definitely doesn’t change anything that can be done on the developer end of things.

Perhaps also Volt 1.4, along with the Core bric, which is at 1.4.1. I’d have to verify the dates on that one.

@TrevReav has the same experience with one of Volt Brics.

I have the update message constantly with one of the Volt brics.

I’m not too worried about it honestly. There’s been updates to the in-app process in the past so it’s sure to get some love after the new year I’m certain.

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Yeah my own bric is doing that to me too. Not every time though.

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Version 1.4.1 includes some minor refinements to the UI

What’s New.

  • “Detach” feature now has two options.
  • Small refinements to the UI.

Should see the update the next time you start Blocs or open the Extension Manager.


FYI… I updated Tab Anything to ver. 1.4.1, and aside of the feature, I no longer get the “Update Available” notification. So whatever you did, it seems to have fixed that annoying issue.

Thanks @Whittfield :+1:

@MiguelR I definitely would not say it’s fixed, I can’t take any credit. It may happen again. The news that it is intermittent is good to know though.

It’s fixed for me now at least at the moment and it was constant previously. On 1.4.2 and no more updates available.

Screenshot 2020-12-27 at 16.01.18