Tab anything pro MAJ?

I would like to know if it’s just me or if there are people who have this kind of problem with tab anything pro. When I try to insert a tab I get a purchase request, is there an update I don’t know about? I have searched and I haven’t found a newer version, and BLOCS doesn’t offer it to me either when I start my app

I’d say it’s because TA comes in 2 versions, “standard” (for lack of a better word) and Pro.

You don’t have Tab Anything (standard) installed so it comes up.

I have the pro so I don’t know why he’s offering me this

That’s pulling data from the Blocs Store. It’s automatic. No one is offering you anything specifically. You can disable that in Blocs though.

Thank you my friend for your answers. I am willing to accept updates on what I have purchased :wink:

Updates are handled via the extension manager. Blocs will show you available brics from the blocs store in the bric bar based on keywords. Unless you disable that in settings. That’s why you are seeing that.


Thanks @Malachiman