Table bric cell size

I decided to try the new Table bric, but it does not seem to have way to adjust the dimensions of the cells. Defining a class for the table allows the adjustment of the whole table, but not the cells. Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks

All about styling bootstrap tables can be found here:

The Table custom bric was (if not mistaken) released with Blocs 4.1 and removed from any later versions of Blocs. There might be an issue with it, but not sure though.

The Table Bric is using a feature that isn’t fully stable yet, and I assume why it is not available at present.

I have used this feature in my Any Video Bric I released, but its experimental (and can mess up the bric), and I know of at least one other bric that uses it.

I hope we will see this feature mature, it has huge potential. :smiley:

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Thank you. I’ll give that a try. Too bad, it would have been nice to have an easier solution.

Thank you, hopefully it will be fully supported in the near future.

Daft question, where would i put the code to create a ‘table’? Does it need to go into the html Bric?

The Table Bric would show up in the Bric bar if you have installed it. I you didn’t you could search for it in any of the previous releases or on the forum here. I recall I posted the file here a while ago.

NOTE: as the Bric has been removed from later releases usage will be at your own risk!

Code widget for the table html.