Takeover from Blocs 2 to 3 - Submenu align behind banner image (complete new section below global header)

Hi there,

as the title says:
I switched to the new blocs and made a takeover of an older project. After converting everything looks fine and blocs 3 didn’t crush anything but the submenu.

When I preview the layout the submenu will align behind the following banner image.

Menu is set on global header area and the banner image is in a new section (not global) below.



Did you try to rebuild the menu from scratch? It will probably be easier and it should not take a lot of time.

Hi Eldar,

in front of all thx for going into this.

I tried it also with a complete new menu but still the same problem. Next thing I thought was - the banner is nested inside a cms frame (october cms) but the problem exists also when I delete the frame.

But in was ok in Blocs 2, right?

yes. I checked it inside browser editor and when I set the banner-section z-index: -1 the submenu is showing. Thats the only solution atm.

[spoiler]Feature: A nice addition will be a custom.css for global stuff and additionally for this an @include in the existing style.css. (Maybe its already in the new version and I doesn’t found it)

Not to be mistaken by the “add style to a page” thing.[/spoiler] … forget this … found the solution: create a blah.css file, put it into the “project settings” -> “project attachments” and it’ll run.