Template Blocs Now Live

Hi just a quick heads up that template blocs is now live providing high quality templates to people around the world. Check it out here: http://templateblocs.co.uk


Your contact page seems not to be linked correctly.

It should reveal itself like on the home page.

When you are here:

It doesn’t reveal itself. At least on iPad/iPhone

There are some typos…

Get exclusive templates that normal userds cannot accses.
Recieve exclusive tutorials.


Get support quicker than the normal users.
Get templates quicker than normal users.

I think you can drop the ‘the’ in ‘than the normal users’.
I would suggest that all users are ‘normal’ but some users are ‘standard’ and some are ‘premium’.
I think ‘sooner’ is a better word than ‘quicker’.

Whats Included” is missing an apostrophe.
“Don’t Skip On Quality” I think you mean “Don’t skimp on quality”.

The Contact link goes to premium

“This template is perfect for those that want to advertise their work in a purly professional manner. It features lots of advance techniques within blocs as well as lots of custom classes to add uniquness.”

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