Testimonial Slider

I have a question: if I want to build something like this in Blocs:

Would I start with a Carousel Bric? What’s important is the ability to show more than 1 “slider element” at a time - like in the example above …

Or is the easiest way to buy the OWL Carousel from Weaver Kingdom?

There are many ways you can do this with Blocs. I have used a carousel in the past but I started using a free tool that uses Google reviews called Review Maker.

It very easy to use, it gives you the code and just use the code widget in Blocs. You can configure it several ways but I’ve found using a 7-row column works well on all break points. Here’s an example from one of the sites I use it on. Just scroll down the page to the review section.



Thanks Casey for the great tip, that looks really great!

Unfortunately the customer does not want anything on his site that has anything to do with Google, so I guess I’ll have to build it myself …

“Welcome to the EU and GDPR” :frowning:

LOL :rofl: