Text carousel

Is it possible to have a text only carousel with a transparent background so it slides over a bloc background image?

Have you tried just using an image with just text, saved to png?

I’ll try it later

Works here.

Thanks @ScottinPollock.
Made in?

I used Acorn as it is the most quick and dirty tool I have for creating web graphics… but any app that has a text tool and exports to transparent png’s would work.

You can google around people have modified the Bootstrap Carousel for text only. That way the text remains crawlable for seo etc., -vs- using the images approach. There are also other sliders that offer the ability to slide anything.

Sorry I’m a noob here. How would I import this into blocs, and set it into fabric/row?

I juts tried using the normal carousel and trying to set a blank image, and then overlaying the caption, but it did not like it much :frowning:



Hi @nalin

Is it something like this you are aiming for?


Cheers / Johny

Hi @Jakerlund
looks perfect.
The obvious question, how?

Hey @apswoodwork

Here’s a quick video tutorial :slight_smile:

I used a 900x450 transparent png for this.

Click the blank image below and download it if you need a quick one to test with.


Thank so much.

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Thanks @Jakerlund

I had already experimented with a transparent png, however it means the row will need to be pretty high. Also the left/right arrows are still present.

I was after something like this: https://www.codeply.com/go/OJHdvdXimm

but not quite sure how to integrate custom HTML into a bloc.



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Hi @nalin

You mean something like this?


@Jakerlund - I tried many ways. It seems like it would be cleanest if blocs allowed for “no image” or something of the sort, similar to this:

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