Text input field renders image with text overlay

Hi All, totally off topic… Currently testing a website with Ecwid and we came up with a question like how do they do that?. Suppose you sell a product, like T-shirts with silkscreen text. What path should you follow to be able that customer types in a text and you see it rendered with the right lettertype on that Tshirt as a neat preview?

Cheers, Barney

You either hire a full stack developer(s) or invest in apps that can do this for you.

There are many services out there that will allow you to build e-commerce sites for merchandise / printing / embroidery that are customisable by the user.

Some will integrate with existing ecommerce solutions as well.

It is possible to build similar sites like Vista Print etc. (excluding that the site is only one part of the logistics of creating such a services).

But since you’re asking the question. It’s highly likely you would be employing a developer(s) and depending on the situation a UX designer also.

Hi Pete, thanks for the answer. For now a bridge too far for my client, but I will have a look in other software as well.

Cheers, Barney