Text layer over code widget

Norman, hi.

I need to put an text, and a buttont, over an code widget, that code widget will contain an iframe containing this

iframe src=“https://my.spline.design/deviceiphone12-75e682070dd367716cc3b29adefba54a/” frameborder=“0” width=“100%” height=“650” class="">


I need the 3d to remain interactive, but I do need an simple way to add a text layer with a button on the top of it, over the image, centered. Is this possible?

Best regards,


Hi @mauriciotrentin,

A few ways you could do this… Add another div below the iFrame, this will wrap around your button and text. Then in the class manager position the div.

Spline_With_Overlay_Example.bloc (715.9 KB)

Ideally you would hand code the CSS to position the content in the exact middle. A complete overlay will stop the user interaction.


Exactly that. Thank you @Malachiman.