Text wrapped around picture

Apologies if this has been answered or its a daft question. i am not too familiar with Columns, and so cannot find a way around this!

The shot below is how i would like the ‘main site to look’ the text wrapped around the picture. I achieved this by using 2 columns, one with a picture, the other with ‘paragraph’, then another full length paragraph below it, and all looks ok.

However, when i scale down to check responsiveness at the different points it looks terrible and i have no idea how to achieve the same, but then have the text below the picture in the smaller views.

any thoughts/ideas greatly recieved

You can easily do this by using three columns and then design it the way you want with the “Appearance” settings in the sidebar using different break points (in the menu above the canvas).

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Add a div bric. Inside the div add your image bric (full width) and immediately under the image add your paragraph text. Select the image and create a custom class (call it something like text-wrap). In the class editor window set the width you want for your image and select Float left in the position area. Select the bottom and right margins and adjust the padding to create some space between the image and the surrounding text.

You will have to adjust the class for each breakpoint variant. Here is the end result:

For mobile devices, you only have to set the width of the image to 100% in the class editor. This will place your text underneath the image. Of course, if you still want to use the wrap text feature, you’ll have to scale your images to whatever sizes you want. But, the text will still wrap.


thank you both so much, sorted now and i have to say i have a new found love of columns!!!

It may be of interest to others to know how you resolved the issue - can you share?

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Indeed. So essentially I followed @Ghost suggestion of using a 3 columned approach. Works well, need to make sure the other breakpoints are sorted too and check a second time to make sure but it worked well

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so interesting to see two distinct solutions. I’m wondering if there are advantages & disadvantages between them? Curious minds would like to know…

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Personally, I prefer the div method because it doesn’t require the use of multiple columns and the div is responsive - it will scale everything to suit the various breakpoints. But, just like everything else in Blocs, it may require a little tweaking of the custom class to make it look better on different device screens. Ultimately, if one solution works for a particular user, that’s the one they will always use.


Well, there are usually always different solutions to different problems, and that’s a good thing. Everyone can choose the approach that suits them best for their problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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