Thanks for 3.5. Looking for the beef in v. 4

Thanks for the tweaks.

Competing in the market would suggest the following enhancements (sorry for being direct but I’ve been a SW reviewer for a long time):

  • Support for layers with variety of optional objects - the current options are far too limited (laying text over a photo and positioning it to taste is really basic and would be very useful).

  • More usable blocs* - twice as many layouts, with new designs based on creative layouts currently found on leading creative websites out there.

– Basics are great, but it would be nice if future development would move in the direction of semi-pros.

  • No reason to remove the Apple device layouts, although the burned-in Apple devices are of little practical use.

_ No intention to step on toes. I would love to integrate Blocs into my workflow, but it will need a bit more development before I could use it for business sites.

Thanks for the feedback, all is welcomed. I think Blocs v3 due early next year will have some of the extra features semi-pros crave.

When the time comes you should get involved with the beta, help shape the app :wink:

Hi TYancy,

I noticed based upon your current activity on the Freeway Pro forum, I assume you plan to then just stick with it even though it’s abandoned, and are likewise hoping for a revival with the “information about Softpress and Freeway in the coming weeks” (that you posted about) hoping for possible positive news from them?

I’m just curious however, you currently consider the abandoned Freeway Pro = semi-pro, and acceptable to continue to use for client work ?

Well I guess I spoke too soon. :astonished:


I am surprised you never came back to post about it. You must be beyond ecstatic with the news that SoftPress & Freeway Pro is rising from the ashes and already back in business. They even released a minor update already I see, interesting to say the least. Looks like however, you have perhaps up to a year to wait for a new “rewritten version”.

But no doubt exciting times for the Freeway Pro users though. It probably comes as quite a shock to most. I certainly am surprised to see they are back. I have seen many Freeway Pro users endlessly searching for alternatives, so at least you now have hope of what might be ahead, if that is still users desired workflow.

Too bad the same can’t be said for Macaw’s Scarlet, or even Xpressive and perhaps a few others. Those looked like inspiring aspirations for apps and interesting workflow concepts. I think 2017 may have some further surprises as well across the landscape.

Looking forward to see Blocs continue to mature as well, perhaps see you back one day @TYancy. :wink:

I’m pragmatic. Software is a means to an end. I was spoiled many years ago when Adobe introduced PageMill - very capable and very easy, but the code was not efficient. I still have warm feelings for PM. Adobe killed that in the mid-nineties and I moved to GoLive, then they purchased Macromedia, killed GL and pushed DW. Both of the latter were too left-brained for me. FW brought back the fun that was in PM.

My experience with Blocs is that there a few key areas where some things could happen – nothing enormous, but just enough to push it over the line - such as the ability to create custom blocks. The latter is essentially what I am doing in FW - nesting HTML objects in inline layouts.

Re Pinegrow - It has a few things that could be useful in Blocs, but it is a bit of a left-brained frankenstein and some things are a huge pain to edit.

I don’t know how many forum members are familiar with Mail Designer Pro from Equinux - an HTML email generation app. It follows a blocks approach plus it allows custom text boxes and graphic elements to be placed visually within image boxes. Some of the canned elements in MD would be useful in Blocks.