The API, built in Brics, the future


I’ve noticed some of you have concerns about the future of Brics that come built into the core Blocs application.

I just want to clarify a few things so you better understand the situation with the core app and the API.

Q. Will Blocs continue to get new built in Brics.
A. Yes.

Q. Does the API mean, there won’t be as many new features added to Blocs going forward.
A. No, in fact it’s likely there will be 10x more going forward. Our contribution will remain at the same level, with the added bonus of 3rd parties.

Q. Is Blocs going to follow in the footsteps of other web design tools and rely pretty much entirely on its contributions from 3rd parties.
A. No.

Q. When can we expect to see new built in Brics added.
A. Later this year.

I hope this helps clarify the direction things are going.


Thanks @Norm

You have my total confidence in the work and effort of BLOCS.

Good job.


Thanks very much, Norm, for giving us as users an idea where you want to go with Blocs. This looks the best way to face the future. Do not close development for other developers, but still also develop your own Brics.Your customers will remain happy with Blocs! But, keep it as simple as possible to use it.


Thanks Norm, I’ve been very spectacle about the 3rd party Brics also. I know you have always delivered, and I don’t expect that to change.

I will say some of the developers are doing a great job, not only with the Brics but providing support. Lucas for one has shown he is willing to help the community and make changes.

These 3rd party Brics are great for some people, some are time savers. Users have new choices, which are always nice.



Hi Norm,
I’m a Blocs newbie and was wondering where are these 3rd party Brics? I’m hopping to find some that will fill my clients needs and requirements. Blocs is a very nice app but it is missing some features I’ve gotten use too with the previous app I built sites with and flexibility.



Hi @Ory,

There are 3 that come with Blocs. Which can be accessed via Developer > Bric Builder , in the top menu bar of the app. Once in the Bric Builder ‘add new Bric’ menu (+).


Otherwise you will find most other Free and $$ - 3rd party Custom Brics offered by other developers available by looking through the following link and related posts.

Hope that helps you some.

Mailchimp Bric?

Thank’s to you both for the info. I’ve check out your leads and I’ve got a few purchases to do. I have to be honest I was expecting more, looks to me like I’ll have to get started on learning how to build custom Brics (widgets). I’ll look around for info and videos.

Again thank to both for the info


You’re welcome.

So far there has not been an large wave of offerings.

The Developer API is pretty new, many who are developing for Blocs are also developing RapidWeaver stacks. So perhaps for them things slowed as they were updating their offerings for the recent update to RW.

Maybe (and hopefully) with the release of Blocs 3 the API and Bric Builder will be fleshed out further with more features to assist developers even more.

In the meantime if you want to get involved here is the current documentation for the Developer API.


I think Blocs3 will be the catalyst for developers as Bootstrap4 has so many extra features and a lot of stuff that makes previously difficult stuff much easier to achieve in Bootstrap4.


Thank you so much Norm for everything you do for the best website builder for OS X! It’s very cool how you keep us all up to date.


The MailChimp bric doesn’t seem to work properly. Any updates available?


MailChimp works great just using the code Mailchimp provides. Use can use it as a standard signup form, popup signup form or a link from a button. Just place the code in a HTML Widget on the page where you want it to appear.