The best "how to" videos...?

Hi all, before I install and use the trial version of Blocs does anyone know of any videos which show you how to build a sample website from scratch? I really like the look of Blocs and would like to use it but am finding just reading the Docs is not helping me understand at all.

I come from a print design background and have used simple WYSIWYG web design software before (Everweb, iWeb, Sparkle etc) and find that following a video where someone builds a design from scratch is a much quicker way to learn the basics of the software. I’ve found a few on YouTube but none that really show how to build a site from the ground up in detail, they tend to just talk about features.

If anyone can help that would be great otherwise I think that’s something which might be missing.


Hi welcome to BlocsApp and the Forum,

@Eldar has put together a video course for learning Blocs, some free some paid.

He also has a template site you may find useful also.

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Many thanks Eldar, I’ll take a look.

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I am not @eldar, but you are welcome for the links. :wink:


As @Blocs_User said (thanks), you can check out the for video courses.

There are actually two courses, which are covering exactly what you are asking. The free Getting Started course shows how to build a simple one-page website, and Building a website in Blocs shows how to build a multi-page website in Blocs.


Haha! apologies @Blocs_User thanks for the help!

Great thanks Eldar