The Blocs Store


Im glad you are having fun. Best part is, this is only just the start!

I think if the Blocs community get behind the 3rd party developers and support them and in turn the 3rd party devs provide value in free and premium content, Blocs has an extremely bright future ahead of it.


With the mix of free and paid, I’ll definitely support developers. You must be smiling?



I agree the free brics you have added are awesome !


Lots more to come :wink:

Im actually considering doing a kind of Build a Bric Friday once a month, where I’ll let the community pick a type of Bric they want me to create that day and I’ll build and release it within 24hrs :sunglasses:


@Norm The social media bric was much needed and you nailed it! perfect!!


You have @Eldar to thank for encouraging me to create it.


Im happy, if the community is happy.


Hey @Norm on the progress bar their is a label but no way to edit this? It just says “test”


Could you share a screen shot please?


The test text only shows in the builder not when publishing but the label feature doesn’t work I just added my own label to it not a big deal


Excited by the two flips, X and Y, I think I could build my site around those… if I knew more about what they can do!

  • Like can both sides be different sizes?

  • Can both sides contain any content, i.e. text on picture, buttons etc.

  • Can the corners be rounded?

A ‘trial’ version would be useful…


The label should show inside the search bar.



Take a look at the UI screen shot on the store, all the options can bee seen.

You can also style with custom classes etc so you can do a bit.

But its basically an image with a title and link on the other side.


It does I got confused by the “test” above the bar I thought this was a label. It wasn’t so I added my own label above the bar and it looks great!


yeah these are actually handy for displaying stats


Huge congratulation on what must have taken a lot of planning and time. the layout works well and I’m surprised how much is already available.

This is a start to something big.


Thank you, its fantastic to see it finally open to the community!


Next on list should be a shape divider like elementor or Divi has that would be premium bric that i would pay good money for!


I already started that, its coming as part of the core app.


WOW! thats going to be the icing on the cake as far as design goes