The Blocs Store


Folks it’s been a long time in the making (plans started late 2017) but we finally got there. The Blocs Store is now open. We think this is the beginning of something amazing for the Blocs community.

Special thanks to @Eldar @Whittfield @Lucas @Bill @Blocs_Guy @pulsecms @webplus for helping to make this whole add-on thing a reality, this new milestone simply wouldn’t have been possible without you :pray:

Folks, I’ve tried the make the store a place of balance, lots of premium and lots of free materials for Blocs.

Have fun!


Congratulations, @Norm!

I am sure Blocs Store will be very helpful to Blocs users!

New Getting Started with Blocs 3 course for complete beginners is live.
New Nikola Template for Blocs 3 (based on Tesla website) is live.

To celebrate the release of the Blocs Store, I have also made the Macintosh Template available for free (but for educational usage only).


Congratulations, @Norm !!!

A great job that I am sure will be of great help to the entire community of Blocs


An idea or suggestion on topics such as “Hero Bloc Pack 1”, it would be very helpful to have a live demo, as @Eldar does in its templates


Great job Norm and thanks to all who helped. It looks great, nice blend of free and paid. It will be nice to have a one-stop shop for Blocs.



Hello @Norm congratulations, just one question, about the Brics and templates and master that I already bought in the diferente plataforms, will the developers send you the emails of the users that already payed and are contemplated in the store?


The store just links everyone together (developers and Blocs users), it doesn’t manage products, handle downloads etc, its more of a store front. You still deal directly with the devs.


Ok and the last question, the login is with the same credentials of the Blocs and solis account?


YEAH! Great !
Thanks a lot


Fantastic, a nice central place for Blocs. Maybe a nice idea of getting an update every-time something NEW comes in the, or every month overview of new items. good job!!!


Fantastic work :heart_eyes:
A great resource to all Blocs users!
Most important, one place to find everything.


nope, its a new setup for Blocs store accounts. The basic account keeps tracks of all of your likes and lets you comment.


Am I right in thinking this Wordpress theme for the store was created in Blocs?


I have just one word for this: YIPPIE :slight_smile:


It was designed and build in Blocs, but converted by a pro theme developer. This then gave me the blueprint for turning Blocs designs into WP themes. So a kind of double bonus and was one of the reasons I choose WP, I wanted to see how a pro would go about converting it.

But to cut a long story short, you would be able to create a store similar to this using Blocs later this year with the addition of some special extras.


This will make Blocs a very serious web design tool. I hope your server will cope with the extras traffic.


Top banana :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::+1:t3:


Wow man!! This is beyond expectations!!! Great work Norm… now run to your wife and ask her to give you a big kiss on my behalf


Cool but @Eldar templates are way too expensive . Cost as much as the software! Thanks for making the store though hopefully we get some god devs to build some awesome brics. Some of these brics are way to expensive. $99 for a forms bric? lower your price and more people will buy.


Norm, after spending some time in the store it’s really amazing! Free or paid, some great stuff! It’s going to be fun watching this grow. I already had to make a new folder! Some of your free brics/blocs are really amazing…thank you! When did you sleep?"