The Blocs Store


Instagram or FB feed?


Yeah this is something Im working on. Im hoping to make available some free resources to help developers present the best they can.


@Norm there is an issue with the currency in the store (USD or GBP)


I had this as well. I assumed this pricing was for European buyers and includes EU VAT.


The store doesn’t localise prices but because we use paddle they do during checkout. At least they should be.


Okay… i understand but why GBP and not EUR for Europe? Is this the brexit fee :laughing: :wink:

15 USD = 13,20 EUR
15,46 GBP = 17,90 EUR

I think it is the 15 USD includes EU VAT.


Mine was in GB Pounds. Perhaps Paddle have noticed that sticky little question of the trillion euro target2 imbalance and thought it was best avoided given the state of Italian banks.


No prices include VAT, that is calculated at checkout. So if you buy in US no VAT, if you buy in EU you pay extra for VAT. Of course this money doesn’t go to me, it goes to the government.


Wow. Wow. The store! WOW! :sparkling_heart:


The store is awesome and an amazing source for all the cool Brics and other things Blocs user might need and want. Congrats @Norm