The only tip a Blocs user ever needs

Hi Guys

I took the plunge with Blocs about a year ago and just love it. I like many asked a few idiot questions when I started, but the real solution to my true understanding of this sofware masterpiece was Eldar Gezalov!

This wonderful guy has created a series of videos (many free) which cover every aspect of Blocs in simple to understand examples. The basic set is free and you can sign up to his masterclass for a few quid. I promise he’s not paying me to write this, but I like many are endebted to him for the hours he has spent helping others.

Cheers Eldar. All I can do is spread the word!! Then click on “store”



I 100% agree with you. @Eldar has been an instrumental part of the growth of Blocs and getting its users up and running!


Hi @David,

I am really touched by your kind words! It makes me happy to know that what I do helps other people, and gives me motivation to improve.

Thank you!



Eldar has helped many, and continues to help Blocs users with answers to many questions.

I would recommend any new user take the time and go through his online classes. You will have a better understanding of how a real Bloc Master gets the most out of Blocs.

Once you follow his classes on building a Blocs web-site from scratch you’ll want to explore the core training videos. The core training takes you through each element of Blocs with concise short videos that with build your skill level as you complete each area. They are laid out very well and make excellent references for finding answers to your questions.

I’ve started using Blocs 1 and I purchased Eldar’s whole package when he released it. Eldar continues to add videos in the core training and I look forward to each update.

Eldar, thank you for all your hard work helping others.



For a newcomer like me (purchased and started yesterday) that’s a great tip.

I’ve just checked out the first 3 videos from the free getting started set.
They are very informative.
Whilst quite short that’s no bad thing as they focus on individual areas and it ‘sinks in’ better.

Doubtless I’ll be purchasing the more advanced sets.

@David - thanks for the heads up, and @Eldar thanks for the videos.


@casey, Thank you! Your feedback was really helpful when I was starting to create the courses. As for Blocs Core Training video series, after I finish covering all important features of Blocs, I will work on perfecting all of the existing videos. At the moment, there are about 20 more videos I will upload until the end of the year.

@Ric Thanks! Actually, at first, videos were much longer, but after the feedback from users like @casey1823, I have re-edited them to be shorter and easier to follow. If you will have any feedback or suggestions, I am always happy to hear it.


100% Agree - Also as a total newcomer to Blocs ( purchased last week ) … Eldars videos totally won me over to how great Blocs is … awesome UI and UX … Im soo impressed… well done Norm! …and thank you for the great videos Eldar!


Nice job with all you are doing @Eldar. @Norm, it’s almost like Eldar should be rolled into helping with the official documentation for Blocs. :wink:


It is true that Eldar’s videos provide a great step foward for anyone struggling with using Blocs. As a university professor covering highly technical subjects, I appreciate good teaching, so I thought I’d give a mini-review of Eldar’s videos in hope it would help others.

His videos come in 3 categories:

  • 14 “Getting Started” videos
  • 60 “Core Training” videos (edit: there’s also a 24 video ‘Building a website in Blocs’ I haven’t seen yet)
  • Several youtube videos

I’ve watched almost all of them twice, and taken notes in some cases. You have to pay for the “Core Training”, and I would say they are worth it.

First, let me be honest about the only negative I see: at times the videos are too easy, and cover things I would have figured out. But on the other hand, I’m a power user and pretty demanding. He’s making sure no one gets lost, and that’s a good teacher. For those a little more advanced, there are controls that allow you to easily watch those parts at a faster rate.

These videos are all organized into categories and well-labeled, which has made it easy to go back and brush up when I forget how to do something. But the greatest value for me has been the things Eldar showed me that I probably would not have found without a lot of time/work. In the videos, you “look over the shoulder” of someone who really knows what he is doing.

Blocs is a great piece of software, but because of its minimalist approach you can miss great features that are there, but somewhat hidden. Also, there’s a real unique work flow that takes some time to get used to. Once you’ve watched him work a while, you start to “get it” – the hierarchical organization of blocs, rows, brics, etc… starts to make sense, and you begin to anticipate the “blocs way” of doing and organizing things. It also helps that at the same time I was learning some more basics about html/css at the same time.

I remember getting frustrated in the first week of using Blocs, which is why I purchased the Core Training. I was also persuaded to make the purchase because Eldar said he’d be adding more videos in the future. Sure enough he has kept that word: a few days ago he posted 12 new videos on the Core Training Series, and indicated more are upcoming in February.

The free youtube videos sometimes cover fairly advanced topics. For example, his sliced borders video contains a lot of content, and is advanced enough that it takes a couple of viewings. I appreciate that he actually made 2 videos on this subject when it was pointed out that there were problems. He found a solution, and presented it – I doubt I would have ever figured that out.

Finally, Eldar’s videos have a pleasant atmosphere – they are very easy to listen to and watch, even a second time. This is related to his sense of style and design. He really has a great sense of how to put together design elements, something which I usually don’t emphasize too much. But by watching “over Eldar’s shoulder” I learned a lot about how small things like shadows, text colors, hover effects, etc… can really make a big difference.

By the way, there are others in this forum that provide some great tutorial videos freely – which I really appreciate and have tried to give back to the extent I can.


Your videos and Templates are first class :+1: Mee too, I prefer this small videos over longer ones.


Hi Tony,

Thank you for detailed feedback! I am always doing my best to learn from feedback and improve. I am going to add more videos to Core Training, and improve the existing ones as well.

By the way, there is another video course ‘Building a website in Blocs’, 24 videos covering the whole process of building a multi-page website in Blocs.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it.



Eldar’s Tutorial and Templates are off the charts!
I’m use them often when I get stuck or want to re-learn some really cool things.
I’m waiting patently for more more of his tutorial to be released. Without his assistance I would be struggling getting to know necessary steps.
I highly recommend any of his tutorials or templates. You will be making one of the best decision to help you move forward and design eye catching parallaxing responsive website using Blocs.


Eldar, you have quite a fan club!

Is there a specific sequence to your videos? For example, you have core videos and build a website. I have no specific plans to be buying your videos, but I haven’t understood where the crossover is in your series. Why would I need the core videos if I had the build a website ones, and vice-versa?


Hey Paul,

The reason why there are two separate courses is because ‘Blocs Core Training’ covers (will cover) most of the features in Blocs, even the ones you don’t need to use in your specific project, while ‘Building a website in Blocs’ gives you an understanding of the whole process of building a website, step by step, in the order I believe is right.

At the same time, Blocs Core Training has the best value and it is probably more useful on any stage of learning process. It is more like a database (catalogue) of detailed videos, which I will always keep updated, so users can use it time to time.



Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it. I hope all is well with you and your family! :slight_smile:

If you need any help with your projects, you know how to reach me!


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