Theme for Freelancers

This one I’ve created for one of my friends. He’s a freelancer and needed something quite simple.

Let me know what you think: Boolancer theme

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That’s a really nice looking theme. I wish there was a way to import these projects so they could be edited directly inside Blocs. I started a thread on this very point a few weeks ago.

Hi, I noticed in your other thread you are using Blocs version 1.x.x , do you plan on upgrading to version 2? Just curious. :wink:

EDIT: Jen jsem si všiml jste ze Slovenska, jsem žil v České Republice po dobu tří let.
(hopefully that makes sense ;-))

@Blocs_User I’m already using version 2 just these themes were created in an older version. Yes, I’m from Slovakia :slight_smile:

Oh ok. It’s cool that you are from Slovakia. :wink:

Download links for freelance are not working on your site.

@WLShafor, It appears you are required to sign in to download anything, even the free templates.

can anyone help me how to do a soccer website or theme because i only find wordpress themes only
I’m using blocs 2 i buy blocs 3 if i need to thanks.

I really like the viewport icons at the top. It would be cool to do this with Blocs 3. :sunglasses:

Hi @KBConcepts

It is actually an “extension” responsive theme switcher which can be purchased.


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as @MDS mentioned its a script from codecanyon. You can maybe find some free on the internet. I don’t think blocs is the tool to do this as actually it’s a “iframe manager”.


If anyone knew it would be you @MDS :grinning:
Is this even possible with adding code?