Things to avoid on your website

These are all fairly basic web design points, but I think some would profit from reviewing what is highlighted here.


This was super interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing @Flashman!

To remove from your website; Cute cat videos :rofl: :cat2:

To add; Bullets lists. I hope this will be fixed in the next beta. :bug::confused:

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I was a little upset and took a moment when I heard the bit about cats :cat2:


Me too as I have to tell my cats that the videos of them on their website will need to be replaced by puppy videos :dog:.

That’s going to be trouble in the house. :cat2::rofl:

I need to take down my cats playing pianos in space website.


Cat videos are the future of web design. The fight back against Instagram starts here.

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What if my website is all about cats?

See above :joy:

Even my premium site, that has pianos not synths must go.


In case you require some models :cat2:. I have four in different colours and size categories. You may use them for free on a subscription base. :rofl:

Moved my cat site to the dark web.

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I think that is a more suitable venue.

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Hey, @Jannis. Point #7 in the video.

No dates on Blog posts :no_entry_sign:. Can we get a tickbox for this? :grinning::white_check_mark:


.volt-blog-item-date { 
display: none; 

to the code editor is really too much of an ask for me. :man_technologist:t3:

I’ve been convincing customers for years to not blog with dates. So many company sites have 3 regular blog posts on site launch then nothing for years :joy:

There are obvious exceptions. But they are few.

After I send them a link to my cat site, they don’t take me serious :face_with_monocle:

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If your cats are doing the blogging I would probably do the same. :upside_down_face:

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The cats date their blog posts in dog years.

Some good points on this video.

Thanks for sharing @Flashman

This is very helpful.