This is my new Site

Any suggestions to make it better are more than welcome… here is my link:

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I find your site very attractive. Maybe a sticky navigation would be of some improvement but not necessary since all pages are somewhat short. Cheers

Thanks for your quick response :+1:t2:

Great minimalistic design! Love the navigation as well. :+1:

Thanks! Nice of you :+1:t2:

Nice work. Coming from someone who I’m sure you will know Francesco Scuvullo,I did covers for Harpers, Cosmo etc. years ago…you might try optimizing the images with tiny jpg, smush or some other optimizer. They seem to be “dragging” the gallery slider which isn’t up to the quality of your work.


Perhaps you meant Francesco Scavullo instead.

Typin* on iPad :))

Thank you for the suggestion… will try to make some changes and see if it improves! Would love to see some of your Photos :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


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Personally I don’t like the navigation. I only found it, because others here in the forum mentioned the menu. I think you should add a symbol/arrow that makes clear that the name is a menu. The rest of the website looks very good.


FIrst thing I did, was to click on the logo and just got the menu. I think its brilliant. But like any thing else some people will like it and others simply won’t…

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Really innovative and slick! A few things that got me where…

  • initially I thought it was a placeholder page until I moved over the business name… because users are only giving a website 1-2.5 seconds of love before they call it I reckon it would be a good idea to have something indicating that the business name is the main navigation
  • the images on the gallery took far too long to load… could really do with optimising
  • sorry, this is one of my pet-hates and wasted effort in making that extra click… the lightbox image being far smaller than the thumbnail especially on my iMac 27"

Other than that good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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I would like to thank for all suggestions/critics, I will try to come up with some solutions. Concerning my Gallery I did use the Swiper Bric from Weaver Kingdom because I was looking for something else than the given Bolcsapp Brics… of course if you know other Brics or Gallery Solutions… are more then welcome :+1:t2::blush:

i like the site, my 2c worth

  1. the front page looks like a placeholder, something like an ‘enter site’ button would help
  2. i’d make the top menu sticky
  3. the images don’t seem to scale and the navigation is off the screen (i’m using a macbook pro)

BTW- can you advise how you made the menu with the 3 segments, I really like it! ;


Thank you for the time you spent checking my site…
I will try to give short answers to the points you made:

  1. the front page its a result of a choice I made. I love minimalistic and thats why I was putting one single element on it, my logo. Considering also that in every webpage the Logo its always with a Link, no matter if in the navigation area or in a hero bloc.
  2. sticky menu: also here its just a choice of mine… I don‘t like much this function in the way it works and not been a programmer I do prefer to don‘t use it.
  3. images: I‘m also not so sattisfied with it… at the moment there aren‘t many possibilities for a photographer to show its work… hope in blocs 3. As I was writing earlier on, I‘m using at the moment a Swiper Bric from Weaver Kingdom because it looks a little different… but if you do have any alternatives, please let me know.

About my menu, its nothing special… its not a menu :wink:
I just used 2 brics in the navigation area and switched on the second one the visibility off… thats it. Actually I was sure that everybody would have smiled at my simple solution… very glad you like it :+1:t2:


i totally get where you’re coming from, it’s all personal choice!
thanks for the tip on the menu! i love it!
i had a quick play on my phone today, if I am in the site and open the menu, when closing it it takes me back to the front page… not sure it’s meant to do that is it? the gallery works better on mobile than desktop