Thumbnails have disappeared from Assets & Carousel


The thumbnails in assets have suddenly disappeared upon uploading 4 new images into assets. All the thumbnails are gone except ones left over (that I did not delete) from the default images that came with the app.

In conjunction with this the photos have disappeared from Carousels and have inconsistently disappeared from some but not all of the pages icons on the left of the interface. While the Carousel indicates “EMPTY CONTAINER” the thumbnails can be seen under Appearance where slides are managed (on the right of the interface). Additionally the photos appear properly in Preview Mode and when a page previewed in browser (Safari).

I’ve tried without success to try and fix this issue by re-starting the app and rebooting the computer.

Previously saved versions of this Bloc document (I save and sequentially number edits every once in a while) do not have this problem.

I also see that groups that I had created seem to have disappeared during one of my saves.

While it appears I can still continue working on my present Blocs document, it is frustrating that the thumbnails and photographs have disappeared and some of the WYSIWYG functionality has been lost.

I’m running the latest version Blocs 3.2.4 and Mac OS 10.13.6


This would appear to be a bug of some sort. Best as I can tell. I’ve also sent the same question to support but have not had a reply in 2+ days.


I have the same problem. I just downloaded the updated version of the software that was released today and it made no difference. The images are completely missing from my carousel but are showing on the website, however ALL my images are missing from the assets except the original ones which came with the software.


Another issue, likely associated with the same problem. When the project settings are set/reset it opens a pop up “project thumbnails are being updated, please wait.” which then freezes everything.