Timed Pop-Up

Is the a way to implement Pop-up that shows up after .5 seconds and then (image) fades away if no choice is made after say… 10 seconds. So on the Pop-Up be a Opt-In or Opt-Out.

You want a modal that appears after .5 seconds with 2 buttons, and if nothing is pressed in 10 seconds, you want the modal turned off?

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I knew you would reply before anyone else. :smile:
Yes and the left and right buttons will have different hyperlink. Possible faded image or gradient background


So resuming…

1st - Create a modal in your page; (take note of the name of the modal)
2nd - Go to “Page Settings” and click “Add Code” and type the following:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
    	}, 5000);
    	}, 15000);

3rd change in the code this values:

  • Change #modal-37125 to the name of your modal in Step 1

  • Change the first time: 5000 for the desire time the modal shows after loading the page;

  • Change the second time: 15000 for the desire time for the modal hides after the page loads;

5000 milliseconds is 5 seconds
15000 milliseconds is 15 seconds

Hope it helps you…


You Rock @Pealco!
I’m going to play with this. Hoping this will work. You’re the expert, I’m the student.

I’m not expert, just going and learning…

Please do share with us the results - be interesting to see this in action.

Hello @RobsterUK and @KBConcepts there you have a little Video implementing the code…

Hope it helps you:


@Pealco, Sometime I can’t come close to expressing how grateful I’m to you my friend.

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