Title Preview Error


I’m new to this
I have an issue not seeing my headline style in-browser preview.

Looking at your custom class window it doesn’t look like you have set any specific styling unless it is hidden under the other tabs.

It’s here. I made custom style.

So I tried to create new class. Change shadow color and other changes I can see works.
But when I preview fonts size of bold or bigger just doesn’t appear on browser.

Might be a cache issue. Try clearing the browser cache and refreshing the page.

I tried. It seems Bold version of this some font doesn’t appear right all over the website preview.

Check that you don’t have conflicts like having set it differently in the side panel.

Preview, right click and inspect the text element.

You should see the processed styles in the sidebar, from here you may be able to tell if another class is overriding the styling.

More on using the inspector here.

Thanks. I don’t know what Im doing. But here is a screenshot hopefully following your advice?

You will need to select the layer named H3, it’s below the currently selected item.

Actually, it’s probably easier if you send in a bug report, I can investigate it further.

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