Toggle twiddle

My website makes extensive use of toggling visibility - try using any button.

What I would like to do is to slow the speed of the toggling a little, to give it more of a ‘sliding’ appearance.

I’ve looked at various Bootstrap suggestions but honestly it’s beyond me… so, does anybody know a way of controlling the duration or speed of the toggling?


Are you using the Toggle visibility interaction in the side panel?

If so, it doesn’t look like its using BS Collapse to do it. Otherwise CSS like this should work, but it doesn’t?

.collapsing {
    transition:height 1s ease;

Maybe @Norm has a suggestion here.

Hi @Malachiman, apologies for the delay in replying!

Yes, I’m toggling containers using .toggle.

I’m not sure how to implement what you suggest… I assume the “1s” is the duration?

Assuming there’s no way of tweaking the .toggle class, where would I put the code you show (I’m very un-technical)?