Transparent Blocs


Is there any way I can have a ‘page’ background, visible behind all blocs and brics? I can make blocs and brics transparent easily enough.

I know there isn’t any such a thing as a ‘page’ background but all you clever people usually know how to do these things! :wink:



Hi @HughN. As a suggestion you could always add a bit of code to change the browser (page) colour. I’ve just tried it and it seems to work. You won’t see the background colour in the Blocs app, but you will when you preview the page/site in a browser. Here’s what I did:

1/ In Blocs, click on the Current View Page Settings (Cmd + Alt + P)
2/ In the Page Settings dialog box click on the Add Code Button.
3/ In the Add Code dialog add this code to the Header:


4/ Click the Done button.
5/ Save your project and preview in a web browser.

Obviously change the Hex Colour to your own colour value.

I’m sure there will be smarter ways to do what you want, but at least this is a solution for the time being.


You can have an image or color as a page background as seen on some sites. If you want an image just create all the content inside one bloc.


Thanks @DerekDigital. That seemed to work for new pages but for existing pages the colour was only visible above the navigation bar. Dragging existing content into a single bloc seems the most effective way - I have about forty pages to change!

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That works well, be aware that it does sometimes have a few drawbacks. I’ve tried a couple of test sites and one thing you can do with this is as you add a new area to the main Bloc use a one of the bricks to help control the content. (1x, 2x 3x, 4, columns.)