Transparent Code for Navigation Bar

Hi Guys…

Would anyone know if I can create a transparent navigation bar. I really do not like the colour ones as they do not really work with what I am trying to do. I hope someone can help.


Despite the title, the solution is in that link.

Thanks so much. I am going to check that now. Sorry for the late reply.

Did that help you, @Fourier?

Hi Chief - sorry for the late reply.
No I found it didn’t work for me. I am using a hero menu and I can’t stop the side bar menu from being black. If I can change it to white it will only create half and the other half black. I have no idea why it is so difficult to change the colour of a side bar to not be black?

Hiya — I have to admit I’m only an intermediate, not an expert! Would this video help?

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Hey man - so sorry for the delay…

Thanks for that. I actually worked out in the end before viewing that how to make opacity etc using that method, but my problem is: although I can get that to work on the drop down etc when clicking a word in the menu, I still find that the Global Nav bar background is not clear on the screen when you enter the site and first view…I can’t work out how I can make the Global Nav background clear with just the menu selection visible…Driving me mad…lol…As I can do it now for the drop down etc as I say…