Transparent/Sticky Nav Bar above Carousel in Blocs 3.2.0?

Hi there,

I’m completely new to blocs 3 (as well as to the forum) and recently just figuring more and more things out. It’s great so far, especially for me as a Graphic Designer with almost no coding experience. There’s one thing I’m wondering though and so far I could not manage to make it work. Also I have a few more question relying to that, so let’s start:

  1. Is it possible to have a sticky nav bar with a transparent main bloc and a carousel under, directly when my start page loads up? So far it is only working, when I have the carousel placed directly after the nav bar in another main bloc, as you can see here in this example I made. Then my start page loads up in the browser and when I scroll down, the carousel is behind the transparent sticky nav bar and works as well when clicking to the next slide: Video_1

So I thought I could just put a negative margin on the upper border of the carousel to get it underneath the nav bar with a custom class as can be seen here: Video_2

But apparently that is not working, because then the carousel is above everything. Am I thinking wrong or shouldn’t the layer manager put this still under my nav bar? Actually this here is the result I’m looking forward to as it should be from the start on when it’s loading up my website: Video_3

I also found old tutorials of blocs 2 where this seemed to work and red several threads like this here in the forum, but couldn’t figure it out how this works in blocs v.3.1.2, v.3.2.0 and the just recently released beta-version of 3.2.1. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to do this?

  1. My second question relying to this is, if there’s a way to combine video-files (mp4) and pictures in a carousel?

  2. Can I put GIFs and other picture-formats into a carousel? (all are the same size and so on)

I appreciate any kind of help on this, as I’m trying to figure that out since some days. Would be so happy if someone has suggestions or even better: A solution!

Thank you!

same thing happened to me hehe!!