Trial, Hype and Solis

New to Blocs (coming from Rapidweaver) I am trying out some interesting preview options, however without result. Perhaps because I work with the trial versions of Blocs and Solis.

  • I try to preview hype in Blocs. In the demo on the Bloc site this is clearly done in the edit mode of Blocs. This does not work here
  • embedded hype resources can be seen in Blocs Preview mode, but not in Solis
  • preview of hype in Blocs is not presented in Solis

Aside from this it is interesting to know if a link between Hype and Solis is foreseen.


I purchased Hype a while back but not yet had time to try this out, so others can no doubt offer more insight. Have you installed the custom brics for Hype?

@Flashman. Thanks, but I installed both Brics.

I think @Norm is best placed to advise you here.

Solis will be getting a much needed update in the coming months, it’s fallen behind of support for a lot of the newer features in Blocs v3 during the last year.

I’ll also explore the Hype+Solis situation for dedicated output previewing.


Thanks Norm that clarifies.

After updating Blocs to 3.4.5, HYPE preview bricks no longer work in edit mode.