Trying to embed Jotform but Javascript is an issue?

Hi everyone, I am trying to add a jotform to my site but I just noticed the little box when I select the code widget, says not to use javascript. (too late, already did it and might have messed up my site).

Anyway, are there any other alternatives to embedding a 3rd party form into blocs? I’ve used jotform for many years, have many extensive forms already done. These are not just contact us forms, otherwise I would use Blocs forms.

They have iframe also available but (not a coder) it says javascript in the code so I’m assuming iframe won’t work either? Someone else in another topic mentioned they use jotform also, so I’m really hoping it can be done without messing up my file.

UPDATE: just re-read the message and found another post re; this same topic. So I can use the javascript in my file but just publish the site, don’t use preview to see how it looks first?? Is that correct?

Thanks so much,


Just add a code widget and switch off in app previewing for its content (side bar inspector - right) and you should be good to go.

I recommend reading the docs:

I hope that helps.

Got it, I missed the Preview button but see it now.

Thanks so much, Norm!


I have 4 jot forms running on my Blocs site without a hitch :slight_smile: