Trying to understand 2 Col Blocs3 Blocs

I am trying to understand the different behaviour of the Feature 2 Col Article Group Bloc and the Feature 2 Col Article-1 Bloc.

These 2 Blocs currently behave quite differently (in Blocs3.0.5) and are created differently.

Eg Article Group has 2 rows each set to 1 column that seem to float whereas the Article-1 is a row with 2 columns which makes more sense. What are they different?

Also I cannot get the vertical entering to work on the column content of the Article Group yet it is set to work this way by default in the Article-1 and does work.

One other small thing is that I still see the small padding or margin at the bottom of the Article Group in Edit mode but this is not present in Preview mode.

I think you need an answer from @Norm to give some proper insight on this. One observation I would make while trying to study this is that while I was able to find the blocs from your description using their titles it then becomes mission impossible identifying them once they are on the canvass, which greatly impedes this kind of discussion between Blocs users.

Once chosen, surely these Blocs should be easily identifiable on the canvass, either directly or through the layer tree in the side panel. At the moment you can have a page with 15 Blocs and and every one is identified as Bloc unless you manually rename it in the other side panel.

This is a really good question and Im going to write a knowledge base post on it today.

So the main differences are:

Feature 2 Col Article - Layout is created within a single Bloc.

Col Article Group Bloc - Layout is created with 2 Blocs side by side nested within a group.


So grouped Blocs are multiple Blocs that instead of taking up 100% width they share the screen width with other Blocs within that group, you can also drag Blocs into a group via the tree and you should see that these Blocs start to stack horizontally taking up less space. This means you get all the Bloc controls ie video backgrounds etc, but they do not need to take up the full screen.

Bloc groups basically give you a little more control over layout.

Im still working on some issues with Blocs groups such as the vertical alignment, padding etc. These are not part of Bootstrap 4 so I have to make sure anything I implement here doesn’t effect the rest of Bootstrap so its a little time consuming to get correct.

I hope that helps for now.


Great. Really looking forward to this knowledgeable post as I think this needs a full understanding to use Blocs well.

I tend to look at the Bloc graphic in the Blocs list and assume the function and behaviour based on that so I see a conventional 2 Col layout for the Group Blocs. Maybe the Group blocs should be in a different group or have some visual way to separate then from a column layout.


Sounds interesting. I’m also looking forward to learning more about this. I tried dragging two blocs in to a group in the layers panel and was not about to make them group.

Just what we need, more choices…:rofl: love it.