Turn off the animation on the mobile navigation

Hi Bloc-users,

is there a class or code-snippet I need to use to turn off the animation of the links sliding in at the “sidebar menu” when the hamburger is on? I would like to let them slide in as the background does …

THX for any hint.

Help me @Norm Wan Kenobi you’re my only hope
As nobody could help and I am done with my trying all the custom class tricks with bootstrap: Do you know by chance how to let all the navigation elements fade in / appear / slide at once?

Thank you in advance

Hi, you can choose what kind of interaction your menu do. Just choose the apeariance of you menu on the right side. Am always using dropdown. All custom thing you can choose from css classes. You can write custom subclasses for menu. For styling.

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Hi @rusmir

Thx for your answer … but my question was more specific: I already have picked the animation (side bar menu), I simply do not want the items within (the links) appear as an animation one by one – I would like to see them appear all at once.

any idea?