Tutorial for CMS


Hi, is there a tutorial for october or crishy cms? how I do it in blocs is clear. but I don`t know how to continue after that, so that the pages can be edited in cms.


I have just started looking at October CMS this morning and would also be interested to know more. Something I would like to do is build the main site in Blocs that the client cannot mess up, but then allow them limited access to a news or blog section on the same site, so they can update with a couple images and text etc.

All the designers in this area seem to be using Wordpress by default and clients are convinced they want the ability to make their own updates, even though many will never do so. Given that Wordpress is essentially free, I know there will be resistance if I propose something that includes some sort of licensing fee. The site for Cushy CMS is actually unreachable at the moment.

It’s tempting to look at options like Grav, but I think I makes sense to stick with something that can be exported direct from Blocs. I want to look at this in more detail, but in theory we could design a website in Blocs and export it to October CMS, then convert that into an app :grinning: https://leaderinternet.com/blog/build-native-app-october-cms


That would be nice but I agree with your statement.

“All the designers in this area seem to be using Wordpress by default and clients are convinced they want the ability to make their own updates, even though many will never do so.”

I have several clients that have a newsletter/blog/meeting notices and instead of a blog they use mailchimp (with facebook). I set them up using mailchimp, made templates, and even made a printed a help guide, then met with them.

What I’ve experienced is they want to have this, but really don’t want to learn how and after trying this they would rather rely on my my services. When I started doing this I really didn’t envision this actually helping my business. My clients now just send me the content (text, pictures) and I do the work. This is not included in my normal fees so I charge an hourly rate.

Once I have the template made it’s really just filling in the new content. I normally am able to complete the newsletter within an hour so monthly labor fees are affordable. I then send it out to the subscribers, facebook and post it on there website. My clients love the way it looks, without them doing the updating. Here’s one example of a monthly newsletter that I do for a client.



In an ideal world I would just build sites with no CMS option for clients and they’d contact me once a year or whatever when an update was required.

My chief concern about offering a CMS is that clients will expect me to fix bugs in the CMS itself that I have no control over. In their mindset it will be something I installed and therefore my responsibility to ensure it works as expected, both now and in 5 years time at no additional cost.

No doubt they’ll also have other questions like why an image is too big or why the text is all messed up after they pasted it from a Word doc. I see Wordpress sites all over the place for local businesses and they all look messed up when clients try doing this stuff themselves.

I am expecting to start work on a job for a client later this week to replace her existing site that was done with Wordpress. She tells me she just about understands the basics of how to add content after running the site with her sidekick assistant, who is apparently very technical and does a bit of coding… It was even suggested her assistant could work on the site after I’d finished, which sent shivers down my spine.

In another case, I actually had a client disappear after I’d done a week of work, because a new employee convinced them they needed to make updates on a Wordpress site. The excuse used for walking away was that they wouldn’t be able to do anything if I fell under a bus, though in truth, I think the new employee just wanted me out, so she could pass the work to a friend.

The problem with fighting a CMS option is that it’s costing me work, whereas all the Wordpress guys will just say they have full access to make all the changes they need. I’m wondering though if we can restrict access to very specific areas, so they can’t mess anything up with the main site. If they never do an update, so much the better.


Yes that would be nice. I include one monthly upgrade with my hosting plans. Only a few actually do that and this only applies to adding or changing current content. (not intending for creating new pages). It kind of evens its self out.

I actually have two clients that used Wordpress and didn’t want to upgrade and let me make the site with Blocs. I try to be upfront and tell them what I do and if either party is not a good fit I advise them to seek another company (the beauty of retirement).

For me the cost of just a few wanting CMS is not cost effective for me.



Yes please I’d love to know!! I’m struggling with going with blocs for the static site without the ability to do minor changes or add on’s. But I love blocs. So if there is some tutorials on how to integrate this it would be good


Hi, I made tutorials fro all cams that can be implemented into blocs and how to install them on a web server here. https://gum.co/YWIB


:-1: Seriously?


Yeah, they took me hours to make im not gunna give them away for free


I don’t even know what the video covers? If your going to charge for something it would be nice have a table on contents or short clip showing which CMS content and depth it covers.

I’m really not concerned about how much time you have envolved. I’m concerned about the quality of the content.

Good Luck


IM not adverse to paying for something, indeed ive got all templates and all of the @Eldar videos. but without seeing any content i cold be paying for anything/nothing. any chance of a preview?


I made a video explaining it a while back https://youtu.be/ZEzX-9DqT6E