Tutorial meta tags noindex nofollow with blocs

i am doing this because it took me ages to confirm :slight_smile: so i hope it helps someone else :slight_smile:

open blocs, open your website (in blocs) and navigate to the page you want to “noindex”

now click Page > Settings

you will notice there is a “add custom code to head and body” > add code

now on the top left, make sure header is selected (it is by default)
and add your code or meta

now if you want to make sure it works, check with the google fetch program (you will need to log in and verify you own the site)


picture below only shows “noindex” as i cant check the “noindex,nofollow” until tomorrow (you only have limited checks per day and i was checking “noindex” prior to this)

hope this helps


Thanks for sharing!

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thankyou, its always good to get feedback that someone appreciates it :slight_smile:
it also encourages to do more, thanks @Eldar

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