TUTORIAL VIDEO - Two Column Responsive Table with Icons


Just finished a video tutorial on how to set up a responsive two column table with font icons.
Make sure to download the helper PDF containing codes and explanations.

Download helper PDF



Great work! Thank you so much!


Great work, great video …
My thanks, for the many work you have done for us,
or at least for all those who need tables in this form.

I personally will use it for my vita and their different projects in it,
so that they also look good on the Tablet and Phone.

Thanks again!


I updated the link in the first post to the helper PDF to a new one that doesn’t require users to be logged in on Dropbox. :sunglasses:


Thank you for taking the time.

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:clap: :+1:

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I went through the entire tutorial in detail, and it worked perfectly. Really well done – I learned a lot, and it encouraged me to work with .html blocks.

I still find the following a bit mysterious:

  1. How does Blocks retrieve icons based on the fa codes?
  2. Why is the code for overriding the row lines entered as if it’s a class name?

Regarding (1), I’m guessing that Blocs has the “bootstrap framework” loaded within it, and that part of that incorporates the font awesome codes (?), but (2) is a complete mystery.

Thank you Jakerlund!

This is such a service, to be able to see how to extend the functionality of blocs, and to learn it by doing it with your guidance and clear instructions. Since blocs is meant to be out-of-the-box for non-coding, no-coders like me need support trainings like this to be able to achieve more with blocs, and learn by the needed baby steps about coding…so sending my gratitude to you!!

It’s keeping me hopeful about the future of the app and how I can learn to do more. :slight_smile:

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