Twitter / Instagram feed

Hi gang,

I used to have a widget on an old platform which let me show my instagram images on a web page, this was great as when I up loaded an image to instagram it would show straight away on my page. Recently this has been stopped, but noticed some websites from others still have a feed.
I have spoke to a friend of mine and said his platform he uses have made a Free plug-in where he can do various layouts for instagram still and also twitter.

What is the best way to do this on blocs various styles of layout…and if so, can anyone post any examples they have too.

Thanks all.

Instagram changed the way feed worked a while ago… its way more complicated now. And I don’t know of any completely free ones, But I’ve used Light Widget several times, it works well and is responsive.

It does have a free feed, but it is limited. Good for initial testing though.


I got that one too but it take quite time to load

Good post - thanks.

Yeah thats the one I used to use years ago, and to be honest - I have just tried that, and its perfect for what I want…cheers.