Two-click solution for iframes

A two-click solution for iframes (YouTube, Google Maps …) because of GDPR would be great.

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  1. Click [+] Add a bric
  2. Click selection “Code widget”
  3. Copy paste url (yt…) in it , that you shall do anyway and everywhere

1 + 2 = " 2 clicks solution for iframes…" :wink:

Haha. I meant something like this:


I’ll have a look :eyes:


Fairly simple and sweet to build Bric :smiley:


That would be great, Jannis!

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Sorry ich verstehe nicht was du willst in der tadt, here unter es nehmt mich ~2 clicks :

J’ai besoin d’une solution pour rendre l’intégration d’iframes respectueuse de la vie privée. Dès que des iframes sont intégrés (par exemple YouTube), les données de l’utilisateur sont transmises à Google, même si celui-ci ne clique pas sur la vidéo intégrée. Pour éviter cela, il existe une solution en deux clics.

I need a solution to make the integration of iframes privacy-friendly. As soon as iframes are embedded (for example YouTube), user data is transmitted to Google, even if the user does not click on the embedded video. To prevent this, there is a 2-click solution.

Déjà, si ton iframe est sur une page (qui ne comporte donc que cette iframe), tu peux l’exclure de l’indexation des robots de recherche (> page property), sinon désolé je n’y comprends rien à ton affaire :grin:

Thank you for your efforts, but that’s not enough for good data protection.


Which services you want to embed in addition beside YouTube and Google Maps?

What about any CDN used? Obviously, I expect full styling options for the message box. :man_technologist:t3: :joy:

I do not use CDN. My customers are small companies and CDN also causes problems because of GPDR.

Hey Jannis, are you really working on it? YouTube and Google Maps are actually the only iframes I sometimes include.

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I do so :joy:

@Jannis. Please translate all these complicated German words into English as well. :grinning:

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My German ends here :sweat_smile:


vimeo should also be there.

Vimeo sollte auch noch dabei sein :wink:

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On my list now:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Google maps
  • X
  • Google Analytics and other generic JavaScript

What else?


Here is a VERY EARLY demo: Cookie Monster Demo

Customization will take some while.

Thanks for your patience.