Two silly questions from a trial tester

  1. I’m coming from decades working with Rapidweaver. Is there a Rapidweaver Ex-user like me here?

  2. I like to use an app without reading any instructions first to see if I can understand the app with my prior knowledge, then if I get stuck, I start looking for answers. So far so good, I’ve been able to replicate a website I did use Rapidweaver faster and surprisingly better with Blocs. Is there a way to do gradient colors to buttons or fonts? It seems I can’t find a way to do that yet.

I promise I will go to tutorials and read everything tomorrow. Just wanted to play around with Blocs to see if I like the vibe. Thanks in advance.

If you create a custom class you can create a gradient then apply that via the class.

Perhaps not as straightforward as it could be.

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I can create a CSS code for a gradient, but Where I put the CSS code?

Once you have created the class ( using the class editor ), you apply it by selecting the element and adding it to classes applied to the element ( usually none ) in the element properties.

In this case I have selected a bloc and have a custom class ‘bottom-sticky’.


You don’t really need to. Just select the button you want to change, then go to the classes window in the side panel and type in a class name, which can be whatever you like. Hit the return key to create the class.

Now click the class to open it and the class editor will pop up. Go to the fourth icon for backgrounds and select it. From there look at the style and choose gradient. You set the first colour by clicking on the left circle and the other colour with the right circle. From there you can change the angle etc etc.

On the top right you’ll notice it says normal and if you click on that you can change the colour during hover for example. All of this is configurable at every breakpoint in every state.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 00.05.31

PS I am a former RW user. I used it for about 4 years, though I am little out of touch with it all now. The big reason to jump at the time was crazy slow page previews with Foundation and never ending expense.

The situation with Stacks and RW9 would be unnerving for me. There are a few ex RW users here like @AdieJAM for example.


The CSS code is actually created when you select/set options in a custom class. The explanation from @Flashman is very clear. Follow his instructions and you will be “away at the races”.

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@AlbertKinng You can basically think of the class editor as something like a hundred stacks at no extra cost and with a unified interface. The changes you make you can be very simple or highly complex. Sometimes you might apply three classes to a single item or carry out a number of changes with a single class more efficiently.

When you change a class it automatically updates site wide, wherever the call is in use, but if you want a single button or whatever to behave differently in some way you could even duplicate the class, rename it and just tweak as required. As a power tip, get into the habit of naming classes in a way that makes sense to you and make them specific. Also make use of the class library to save classes for use in other projects.

You are probably far more advanced than I am as a web designer and I suspect most people are. Once the logic clicks you won’t look back.

Neither RW nor Blocs are perfect and they each have their pros and cons. I think the biggest challenge for anybody coming over to Blocs from RW is simply accepting it is different and wanting it to work just like RW. I struggled with this myself for a while, particularly when Blocs was less advanced but the pace of development over the last few years has left RW for dead.

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I was a trial RW user, but could not get behind it, and frankly, could not afford all of the costs.
Blocs offers so much out of the gate and the community here is very helpful.

I just wanted to welcome you and hope you remain a Blochead! :laughing:

Rich the Weather Guy

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After careful consideration, I’ve made the decision to invest in Blocs. I believe the timing is right, given the enhanced power and versatility of Blocs 5. In my opinion, it serves as the perfect alternative to RW, especially with Realmac facing internal conflicts. It’s prudent to begin familiarizing myself with an alternative platform. My initial undertaking will involve revamping a client’s website, so I appreciate any well wishes for success!


Welcome aboard Albert!
I think you made a great choice! :smile:
You can always find help here.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Great choice!

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Hi @AlbertKinng ,

Welcome aboard, I didn’t realize that we are neighbors in Florida.
Even though I am still developing for Stacks, I am more and more involved with Blocs, and will soon, time permitting, launch some Brics that I developed and have been using internally.

This is a great community.




Excellent! Everything is progressing well! I’m discovering that I don’t have to handle all the tasks I’m accustomed to in Rapidweaver. It’s so straightforward that you almost feel like you’re making a mistake!


I have a question, I participated in the beta testing of Website Inc. ( and it appears that the layout resembles Blocs. Do you believe they are essentially the same tool? Can Blocs be as versatile as Rapidweaver? Currently, it seems more like a landing page or basic website creator. Can you create a website with a membership portal and access to a server for file uploads using Blocs? Or is that too advanced? I simply want to understand if there are any limitations with Blocs. Thank you in advance.

After going through the Demo, I found so many limitations. I also didn’t get how it was like Blocs. It may be me, but I think Blocs is more for web developers. Also Blocs is not expensive, compared to the one you mentioned.

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This is what I got after I entered my name/email and pressed the “Try now” button:

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Please don’t misunderstand; I’ve already purchased Blocs with the $50 for additional perks. I’m fully committed to Blocs. I realize I didn’t phrase my question correctly, and I apologize for that. What I wanted to clarify is if both apps are specifically tailored to function solely as bootstrap builders, ensuring consistency with the framework you’ve been working with.

That didn’t occur in my case! (Although I didn’t make a purchase.) I simply wanted to understand if the concept was similar—using blocks to construct a Bootstrap framework website. I believe that’s what they’re offering as well.

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No need to apologize. I was just giving my thoughts.

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Hi @AlbertKinng , Welcome to diving deeper into Blocs!! . I have seen you post previously on forums involved in Rapidweaver and excited to see what you bring to Blocs.

Please post your work and experiences and also if you are missing something that you think users of Rapidweaver users would love to see in Blocs and post it as @Norm is very hands on with bringing any possible changes for the better.

Good luck.