Typefaces not changing in Project Settings

Hi all, I hope everyone’s well.

I started a website about 3 weeks ago and put a rough and dirty layout up for the client to see if I was going in the right direction. After a few suggestions, I opened it again this morning. I’m not sure if Blocs has been updated in that time, but I’m on V 5.2.2.

The client has changed the fonts throughout, so the natural thing to do would be to change h1, h2, paragraph etc. in the Project Settings - I can’t!

In Project Settings, I can scroll to the new font, and in the typeface window, I get a jumble of letters (ie: Raleway being overwritten by Josefin Sans and all letters on top of each other, scroll to another typeface and I then have 3 lots of letters overlaying themselves). The new typeface doesn’t ‘stick’. I can change in the right bar options and this is hit and miss, but to do the whole site like that when I can use the built-in classes is a bit cumbersome.

If I close the Project Settings window and reopen it, it tells me that the new (for example) h1 typeface has been updated, but it’s not reflected on the canvas in work or preview mode.

Anyone else having these problems? Any thoughts, or should I try and downgrade to an earlier version of Blocs.

Cheers all.

no problems here.

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Righty ho, not sure if this is relevant or not @Norm, but here goes - and it may be of help to someone else.

Using h1 as an example, if I have the h1 bloc selected in the canvas view, the above problem happens. If I click elsewhere, then the settings stick and all is well.

Same with para, h2, h3 etc. If the item I want to change is selected, the Project Settings don’t work, click off them, open Project Settings again and it works.

And it’s not April 1st.

no problems here.
Sorry :laughing:

Very strange, because it’s the same with all of the type styles in the Project Settings - down to Navigation links and labels. If they’re selected on the canvas while trying to change their settings, it doesn’t stick.

Soooooo, having closed it down and opened up again, no matter what’s selected, the Project Settings for typefaces don’t apply themselves.
The Mac has been restarted numerous times, and Blocs more than I can count on 2 hands and 2 feet.

And today it’s all working again without any restarts… Not a clue, but we’ll say it’s fixed!
Case closed.