Unable to remove assets in the asset manager


Yea. What can I say. I don’t want to fool around adding folders on my hard drive and deleting things from them, just to get them not to show up in the assets manager. if it’s an option in the software, and it’s in the documentation then I expect it to work the way it is supposed to. Sorry.


The prevention of deleting core assets was not working correctly. That is now addressed in Blocs 3.2 beta build 5 (coming later today)


I’m very happy to see that the issues with assets manager have been all but solved. This makes the workflow a lot smoother - GREAT!

One small item though: if I import an image using the assets manager, and then make changes to that image after the fact, I can right click the image and select “refresh” - also cool! However the image shows the changes in the asset manager window only. The placed image on the page does not get refreshed. Only after saving, quitting and restarting blocs do I see the changes to the image on the page.