Unused CSS

There’s a lot of unused css in blocs projects up to 80%, if blocs can export projects with used css only that will be great and make websites faster
thank you

Bootstrap CSS is only 22KB and loads from my server in 100 milliseconds. This surely is not a problem?

  • If you minify the CSS code, it’s already small.
  • Second, enable gzip on your server.
  • In addition, these files are cached by the browser, so not loaded every time.
  • And to close: 1 image on your website is most probably larger than any CSS code.

I think that’s not worth the effort.

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But Google doesn’t agree with you :grinning:

Google says otherwise

But what we are trying to help with is the overall performance. And putting in effort where it will maximise the effect. For example your hero.jpg is 1.3MB. You could get that down to 103KB or less and your site will load much faster. Especially if you optimise the rest of your images. So a few KB here and there are not important (like removing unused css). Slay the bandwidth hogging first. Then see how your site responds.

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I second that.

The css generator is perfectly fine, really well indeed.
However, there are a lot of snippets orphans in the code if you have tweaked a lot.

It’s not a big deal if you stay native, but if you use a different backend solution to deploy your site, it can be tedious.

Just try to validate your file in a CSS validator & you’ll get the point.



I agree! I check all the time my css files cause google keeps saying to remove unused css and js and there are lot of rules im not using. Plus @InStacks the first thing the site loads its the css and js.
Also from next year Google its going to consider the speed of your site for the seo ranking and sites made by blocs have the tendency to fail google’s tests. I mean it may seems ok but this its a real issue if you business really needs a online presence.

Here its a good read in case anyone its interested https://www.link-assistant.com/news/core-web-vitals-guide.html

One image is possible larger than all of the CSS and JS files together.

First CSS is loaded from head, at last JS from body bottom.

This would mean all websites done with any framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit, etc.) would fail these tests. Most websites are dependent on frameworks.

This is not something new. Check on the forum for people experiencing same issues!

Here! Google page speed test - poor results on blocs site

Google has been using page speed as part of Seo ranking for years now. That’s not new and if a few kb is making a tangible difference to your site loading I would suggest you switch to better hosting. If there is some big change coming, then all those bloated Wordpress sites created with page builders and a hundred plugins are in real trouble.

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So the big question: what can we do to make our sites faster?

A considerable amount. You can start by sorting out excellent web hosting, rather than cheap hosting, which is the main priority for many. There is probably a reason why it is cheap. Avoid callouts to third party services like fonts or analytics, leverage the browser cache, choose the latest PHP version in your server settings and enable compression. The list goes on.

Then you can limit the number of large images on your page, ensure they are properly optimised and other points. I enable HSTS on my sites for example that avoids the redirect and only serves the https version of your site. When looking at speed you first go for the big gains that are easy to change, then work down to the more fiddly adjustments. Eventually you reach a point where it’s a lot of effort for little or no gain.

This Google check is just nonsense.

Sorry to say, but if you want to have this solved, you have to hand write your website without the use of a framework.

Even Google itself has its own frameworks. Do they complain about others using their frameworks, and then only a part of that?

My 2 cent.


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it is terrible that Wordpress with all those bloated plugins and themes have better page loading score than blocs website as there aren’t any feature or functionality which can enhance blocs website. so I guess the guy is frustrated as he have to manually minify css, js and clean unused bloated code.