Update 3.0.4 - Paralaxe only works on big desktop

I tested everything - its in Blocs itself.
Paralaxe only works with the big desktop.
On my 13´screen, iPad, handy it doesn’t work any more.
Sorry, Thanks Matthias

The bg parallax has only ever worked on desktops, its blocked by the mobile browser. ScrollFX work on all breakpoints but they offer a different effect not intended for backgrounds.

@grafwiloff This also why background videos do not play on mobile devices. These are cases where you need to be aware of the way a design will look on different devices and either accept it or make use of visibility to substitute a different effect for those devices.

Thank you!!!
(I´m beginner)
:slight_smile: Matthias

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parallax is not working for me either. 3.0.5. blocs
it seems to be working but when i go to the preview it does not. Neither when i export it.

Not working for you on Desktop?

It works on Desktop. Because i was working on laptop it didn’t work. i just realized.

Thank you guys.