Update: Any Video 1.2.1

Minor update

  • Added support for Vimeo’s Privacy Hash.


If you have Vimeo videos unlisted you need to use a Privacy Hash to embed them

Any Video will now recognise your privacy hash and build the appropriate parameters based on your options.

For example if your ID was 12345 your privacy hash would look like 12345?h=6789

CleanShot 2023-07-26 at 18.00.31@2x

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@PeteSharp I wanted to update the Any Video Bric in an older project (I have the latest version 1.2.1 installed), so I deleted the Any Video Brics in the document and in the Project Settings also. So there is no Any Video data in the project anymore. But every time I export the project, the “old” Any Video JS and CSS documents are exported. How do I get rid of them so that I can insert the updated Any Video Bric and start from scratch?

Check the page attachments, the old attachments may be sticking. There is a fix coming soon to help address this issue.


That’s exactly what I just did, thank you.
I forgot, in the Page Settings these are also stored, I have now also deleted these, so now it should probably work.