Update: Any Video v1.2

Video coming :partying_face: (our mic decided to die today :frowning_face:)

Version 1.2

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This is a fantastic update, that adds new features and refinements to the most popular video popup player for Blocs.
This is a free update for all existing Any Video customers. Please make sure to read the update information below.

New Features:

  • No Cookies option (No Cookie URL for YouTube and Do Not Track parameters for Vimeo).
  • Custom SVG/Markup Icon option.
  • Accessibility Video Description field.
  • Global Swatches support.
  • Stop other videos playing option.
  • More Bootstrap radius sizes added.
  • various HTML and Javascript refinements.

Accessibility - Video Description, and no Cookies!

In addition to 12x SVG icons, you can add your own.

Create awesome video Poster Brics like this… (But don’t tell the Cookie Monster there are no cookies!!)

Update Information:

This update requires resetting Any Video brics in your existing projects, so to make sure we do not disrupt your workflow, we have made this an opt-in update. Login to Gumroad with the email you used at purchase and download v1.2.

We recommend after installing the new version to restart Blocs and open your project, then let Blocs update all the Any Video attachments in your project when prompted. You will then need to right click on Any Video Brics and choose reset all. It’s usually easiest to set up one, and the copy and paste across your project. We understand that doing this is a pain, but this update is well worth it.


Whoop Whoop :tada: :dancing_women: :partying_face: :beers: :beers:

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OOOOH Isn’t it annoying the pictures not showing up!
Can’t see the pretties you’re presenting us!

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Pain indeed…
3 hours I hadn’t planned for today!!!

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Yep. That why we decided to make it opt in. There was no way around the re-set.

Believe me, I have a project that will take me a while too, once I get an email from a client to make an update. :grimacing:

For the majority of users it won’t be that involved though.

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It would be great if the shadow color could be changed in the Any-Video settings (Shadow - Always and Shadow - On Hover). So you don’t always have to change them with additional CSS. But otherwise great update, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @PeteSharp

Just adding a few videos on a website using AnyVideo and my client has asked to use a button under the poster on one of them, and noticed the bric drop zone is missing on the new update?

I have used it before and it worked and I remember adding .any-video-trigger to the button class as shown on your website, but this is not working.

I am hoping this is still possible.


Hi @AdieJAM,

The drop zone was removed in 1.2 because the bric_conatiner in the API can cause issues. Thats why it was classed as an experimental feature. If it gets some love and becomes more stable, I will re-instate it (which will only require a minor update.)

The .any-video trigger has to be within the bric for it to work. Otherwise it has no reference.

A little trick, the caption area can take full HTML markup, you can add a button here, and even add the class .any-video-trigger and it will work.

You can also do this in the icon area now too, select custom and you can use full HTML markup, and even style it in the class manager.

When I get a chance I will make a video about this, and the fancy demos I have made for the new website.


Fab - thanks @PeteSharp for letting me know.

I did have a play with adding a button in the HTML markup but didn’t add the class, not sure how to apply the class to a button in HTML. Would I just add the class to the AnyVideo bric?

I will have a little play around with it tomorrow.

Thanks again.

You can copy the mark up from the inspector for a button from your project.

To add a class in the mark up


So you can also add a class here like .btn-secondary and then just add that to the class manager.

An example of markup can look something like this… many ways to do it.

<button class="any-video-trigger btn-secondary">My Button</button>
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By the way I did tweet some demo examples I’ve built for the new site.



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I have a project with a couple of videos.
I want to insert a new one and I get this message:
Oops…Looks like we forgot to add the video!
It’s the video that the bric uses as a placeholder.

Check the page attachments, you may still have the old js attachment there.

We did find in testing, that if Blocs kept the old version on a page somewhere, this would happen.

@Bootsie, for example I see duplicate js files on your main site (it does happen sometimes). Obviously AV isn’t on this page

After removing all old .css and .js files from the project and rebuilding every video from scratch and after two days to cool down because of that crap, it’s functioning OK now.