Update: Infinite Slider 2.1

Hello everyone,

This one is a major updater to the bric. I’ve re-worked the whole engine, now it goes left or right, I’ve added breakpoints and arrows: these were new to the options list.

Here’s a video I just made:

Demo page: https://archetypon.net/preview/brics/infinite-slider/


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Looks good, can’t seem to purchase?
Wait a sec…if I click on add me to the mail list, the order doesn’t proceed?
NOT checking that and I was able to purchase…

Just an FYI…maybe you want to add me to your mail list. :wink:

Rich the Weather Guy

Thanks @WeatherguyNH , sorry for the shopping cart maybe something got wrong at their side. And sure I’ll add you to the list :grinning:

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Recently purchased this new Infinite Slider bric. Seems to be working well at all breakpoints for a list of hyper linked image graphics. Thanks to @Lucas for creating this bric. :slight_smile:


Great to hear! I have not used this Bric yet, but I have big plans for it!!

Rich the Weather Guy