Update: Infinite Slider 2.2

Just updated the Infinite Slider bric to version 2.2.0. This new version fixes an issue that caused a random installation failure. With this version is also possible to make vertical sliders and add specific height to them.

Here’s the video from previous version 2.0:

Preview examples: https://archetypon.net/preview/brics/infinite-slider/



Hi @Lucas

Will the pause on hover and modal work on vertical sliders too ?

Nice work on the update.


@AdieJAM yes.

@KBConcepts thanks :grinning:

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Thank you for the work Lucas!

@WeatherguyNH welcome :grinning:

Hi Lucas, I watched the demo, and there’s a documentation link at the bottom of the pane. Do you have a link to review the docs?


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Hi Casey, here: https://archetypon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360011072132-Infinite-Slider


Hi, is it possible to scroll by mouse wheel instead of using arrow (on desktop) ?

when speed is set to 0 … slider still slides … bug ?

Could be possible to stop the slider when speed is 0 ? I mean disable the autoscroll ?


Some speed must be entered,
but for an impression of autoscroll-off you may enter a speed of 0.000001

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Hi all,

Anyone got anything they are able to showcase using this bric?..I have an idea I want to use it for - just getting ideas !

Thanks all.

I use it on an event News page to provide a continuous list of Latest News promo graphics which can be clicked on to get additional details on another page. Also use it to show a continuous list of promo pics from the event on a Welcome page.

I like this bric very much, but there were a few minor quirks I had to get past when using.

Hope this helps.


Fab, are you able share the link ?

Thinking of a list of products a client sells or brands a company uses etc…

Here it is. Look at bottom of home page and also the News page.

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Hi Adie:

I use it on the home page here:


Rich the Weather Guy

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Thanks @pruthe - nice work!

Thanks @WeatherguyNH - Nice website ! I couldn’t find infinite slider, but looks like your using swiper which looks great.

How is your re-build of your website coming on that you mentioned a few weeks ago?..hope it’s going well and looking forward to seeing it.

Going slow. Mainly because I am building a couple of sites for friends, and then there is Bass Fishing in my canoe which has finally come as warmer weather makes it here to the Northeast USA.

More time inside during the fall and winter…no deadlines, so what the heck.
Thanks for asking…

Rich the Weather Guy

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