UPDATE. Offcanvas Helper v1.1.4

What's New!

In this update, I have added a new option under the Accessibility section.
  • Create Button Tag

What it does!

Enabled by default, Offcanvas Helper will detect if your Offcanvas Toggle is a link, and then convert it to a button tag if required. It will preserve all your attributes / classes in the process. You can easily disable this if you need to for your use case.

Links Vs Buttons

I decided, this would be also a good time to kick off my Substack I have had it sitting around for ages, so I wrote a post about Links vs Buttons, and why this new feature is important.

Stay with me, I might not have everything fully setup right yet :rofl:


Smart Revision - Introduced in the last update, will update your Bric HTML and preserve your settings… nice!


Nice one @PeteSharp. This is such an obvious buy if you want more navigation options in Blocs and it saves messing around trying to build this yourself.


Hello! After updating to version 1.1.4, the buttons in the project with the offcanvas-toggle class began to look different.

That is likely the accessibility feature that visually shows a button that’s in focus. It’s built into bootstrap.

Main feature of the last update was to convert the offcanvas toggle to the correct markup. Which is why you now see it. In other words your site is more compliant.

There is a tick box to disable this option in the Offcanvas Helper setting towards the bottom however.